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Downtown Dental Design

Downtown Dental Design is a boutique dental practice providing family and cosmetic dentistry.  We approach each patient as an individual, with unique needs requiring personalized solutions.  We are dedicated to delivering the very best dental care experience to our patients. Whether you live or work in downtown or central Austin, Downtown Dental Design caters to your busy and active lifestyle and aims to build a lasting relationship from the first appointment.

Pure Bikram Yoga

Our Mission is simple and pure: We empower ALL people to improve their lives through regular practice of Bikram Yoga, and inspire our students by serving as exemplary role models in the yoga room and our community.



Alkusari Stone

Our beautifully designed showrooms and products only hint at the unique position we occupy within the stone industry. We have the luxury of being the source, manufacturer and retailer. We offer hand crafted architectural elements, fireplaces, primary flooring, mosaics and other residential design products.



Located in heart of Austin, Texas, LOVE Cycling Studio is devoted to exceptional SERVICE, determined to deliver an INTENSE 45-minute workout, committed to COMMUNITY contribution, aimed to TREAT all guests as personal friends, INSPIRE with awesome instructors, and unite us all as a TEAM. We offer a 15% resident discount to all Pressler Residents!